Haseeb Qureshi: The Philosophy of Poker (Part 1)

Haseeb Qureshi is a former high-stakes poker player. He recently published The Philosophy of Poker, and spends his time writing and providing mind coaching.

This is my first in-person interview, and it is long. I met Haseeb when I was also playing poker. I quit the game in 2008, and I hadn’t spent significant time with him until this interview. So our dialogue involves us catching up, and talking about poker, and some crazy bets. There’s not much discussion of Quora.

In fact, Haseeb hasn’t even posted on Quora. One motivation for doing this interview is to coerce him into joining the site.

This interview is long so I had to break it up into multiple parts. The first half consists of Haseeb talking about his early poker years.

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