Michelle Roses: Wonder Woman

Michelle Roses writes on Quora about motherhood, relationships, Judaism, and life lessons.

“Quora has been pretty therapeutic. It’s been a way to write about experiences and connect with people who like reading them, or who can relate to them.”

“I don’t usually write answers or share unless it is something significant. I don’t have many joke answers–I have to feel some kind of connection to the question, that I can either add to or comment on in a different way.”

We compared our respective Jewish experiences. Though both of us have had our conflicts with the religion, we differ in that she has found a Jewish identity she is comfortable with.

“I was raised Jewish in the south. It’s not as prevalent, so growing up I was a minority when it came to religion. That’s affected me a lot. What was hammered into me was: you have to learn these traditions. You have to learn all this stuff so that you can carry it on.”

“The thing that was missing for me was spirituality.”

“I still don’t hear a lot about the spirituality. It’s still all about learning the traditions, learning the prayers, learning the holidays and history. It never becomes about a relationship with God. I think that’s why there are so many Jews that find a different path.”

Michelle told me about her experience as a television anchor. It was a good excuse for me to ask for some advice around interviewing.

“It’s about having a conversation more than asking questions and getting answers. You are leading a person on a specific train of thought. When that happens, people actually say more than they would if you asked them questions that are very specific.”

“People just want to have a conversation, and the more comfortable you can get them, the more information they will give you.”

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