Claudia Azula Altucher: Become An Idea Machine

How do you invent things? How do you change the world around you?

Start by writing ten ideas a day.

Claudia Azula Altucher is the best-selling author of The Power of No and host of The Yoga Podcast. Her upcoming book is Become An Idea Machine. Among other things, it contains 180 writing prompts for ideas.

Topics we discussed include:

  • the friction between business and yoga
  • how to invest in yourself
  • should you put money in a 401k?
  • benefits of podcasting
  • why relationships cannot be evaluated until they are over

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James Altucher: The Daily Practice

James Altucher is a best-selling writer, and one of my favorite authors and podcasters.

But the first time I read his blog posts, I could not stand them.

His writing seemed masochistic. He was reliving dramatic failures: tremendous financial loss, loneliness, rock bottom. There was lots of caps lock and list-based article writing. The first time I read him, I stopped before I finished the first page.

Two years later, I’m reading all of his material. It turns out to be excellent.

Topics we discussed include:

  • “bulletproof” coffee
  • his bestselling book Choose Yourself 
  • do you need to first hit rock bottom in order reach your greatest potential?
  • Poker vs. Chess
  • Quora vs. Wikipedia

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