Kate Simmons: Pain Management

Kate Simmons is a private clinician specializing in the field of pain management. She has a passion for studying and understanding the causes and solutions of chronic pain. Her office, Myofascial Pain Solutions, offers trigger point therapy for conditions such as fybromyalgia, rotator cuff injuries, and plantar fasciitis, Kate is also a Quora top writer, with more than 300 answers.


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Lisa Galarneau: Anthropology of the Future

Lisa Galarneau is a Quora Top Writer with over 2000 followers and 3000 posts in a variety of topics.  Her employment background includes stints in cryptology, telegram singing, and commercial anthropology, which she currently works in today. When earning her PhD, Lisa studied the anthropology of online gamers, traveling to thirteen different countries to study behaviors in different environments.

Lisa Galarneau

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Ian McCullough: Management, Entrepreneurship, and Cardboard Robots

Ian McCullough has spent his professional life in a variety of creative and managerial roles.  Since studying drama and entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon, has helped develop consumer products in the areas of electronics, media, toys, games, and education.  He is the founder of  McCullough Productions and consulting, and the CEO and co-founder of Giant Cardboard Robots, a company that makes…giant cardboard robots.

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Stephanie Vardavas: Baseball, Business, and Feminism

Stephanie Vardavas is a Quora top writer with over 4100 followers and 4000 posts.  She is the CEO and founder of Row99.com and chair of the Oregon Commission for Women  Her experience includes positions as an attorney, product safety consultant, and delegate for Barack Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  On Quora, she is a heavy contributor to topics ranging from Jane Austen to Nike, where she spent 14 years as an assistant general counsel, advising several different segments of Nike’s global business.

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