Ben Golub: Behavioral Economics

Ben Golub

Ben Golub has a Ph.D. in economics, and has written papers primarily based on microeconomic theory, game theory, and behavioral economics.  He is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, and will be joining the faculty of the Harvard Economics department in 2015.   In this episode, Ben explains how price discrimination works, why you may want to vote despite having low odds of changing anything, and the effects of Steve Jobs on Silicon Valley culture.

Wray Rives: Modern Accounting


Wray Rives is a Certified Public Accountant with more than thirty years of experience,  He is also the founder of Rives CPA , an accounting company based in Texas.  He has over 1000 followers and 1300 answers.  Many of his posts are detailed, professional responses to tax-related questions.  In this episode, Wray dissects the Flat Tax,  explains who should and shouldn’t use TurboTax, and describes how Amazon got its edge early on.

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Caroline Zelonka: Advertising Informationista

Caroline Zelonka

Caroline Zelonka has been an advertising writer for several decades, and has been published in Slate, Forbes, and Business Insider.  She is a Quora top writer with almost 3000 followers and over 1000 answers.  In this episode, Caroline discusses contemporary advertising, what it’s like to develop an infomercial, and the real motivation behind the comic Garfield.

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